Saturday, January 30, 2016 • • General
There is a difference between having a blessing and being blessed!
Thursday, April 09, 2015 • • General
Monday, March 24, 2014 • • General
Love; a word that's used so frequently and easily these days. We've become so used to saying "I love you," but have failed to practice the true meaning and Godly example of love. In fact, we often view love as a deep care that is both everlasting and unconditional. Truth is many of us have truly never really lived up to the Godly standard of love.
Saturday, January 11, 2014 • • General
It's so interesting how God's anointing these days is taken very lightly. In fact, people will often view God's power on someone's life as something others can attain with no process. As a believer, when you are enduring some things and waiting on God, you will endure a process that brings forth his anointing and purpose for your life.
Wednesday, January 08, 2014 • • General
God still wants me to serve even when I'm suffering?

Yes! Our service to the Lord doesn't stop when a problem occurs in our lives. In fact, this should be the time when we are giving our all to the Lord and serving others. Indeed, I had to learn this the hard way. There came a point in my life when I just thought, "Is my life falling apart?" The answer to that question I nervously asked myself not too long ago was no. My life wasn't falling apart, but my feelings led me to believe so. At the time I was so caught up in myself and wondering when my situation would change, that I lost focus of the assignment the Lord had given me. It took my brokenness for the Lord to then reveal to me that He was calling me to a higher place in Him. That brokenness was just part of my process.
Wednesday, January 08, 2014 • Mrs. Rebecca Rush • Salvation
Often as believers we think of stillness as a time of dread, or better yet a period of boredom. We at times may be certain of our right standing with God simply because we are busy serving the Lord through ministry. Nevertheless, what happens when we begin a new journey in our lives that leads to God's desire for us to be still? Maybe we'll hear God's still small voice early on telling us to rest and be still before Him. Or, we may ignore that conviction to rid ourselves of all our distractions and spend some real time with our creator. Regardless of what circumstances led up to our season of stillness, there is true significance in rest.